How much space is required for setup?

Utopia and Aurora stand 12.5ft tall, 13ft wide and 15ft from front to back. For safe clearance, your space will need 13ft height, 15ft from side to side and 18ft from front to back

Onyx stands 9ft tall, and 15ft x 15ft in dimension, requiring 10ft height clearance, 17ft from side to side and 18ft from front to back for clearance

Sahara stands 9ft tall, and 13ft x 15ft in dimension, requiring 10ft height clearance, 15ft from side to side and 18ft from front to back for clearance


What is required for setup location? 

The setup space needs to fit dimension and surface requirements with a power outlet within 50ft. Please be sure to inform us if you do not have a power source within 50ft and we will either provide and additional extension cord or a generator for you to rent.

The setup surface will need to be free of sharp objects, furniture, pet feces, debris, sprinklers, toys, string lighting, etc. 

A flat space on any of the following surfaces is approved:

Grass, Concrete, Tile/Hardwood, Turf, Asphalt

Surfaces not approved:

Uneven Ground, Dirt, Rocks, Sharp Materials


What does a bounce house rental include?

30-60 additional minutes for setup, a friendly Utopia Haus team member or crew setting up and taking down your rental quickly and safely,  a blower for the bounce house, a tarp for setup surface, 50ft extension cord, a hand sanitizing dispenser, shoe organization, an entry mat and haus rules sign

Balloons and vinyl decals/lettering are an additional option and fee.

Do you service in parks?

We do not unless it is a private section or indoor facility.  

While we are licensed and insured, we opted out of public park insurance due to the risk of people/children/animals who are not affiliated with our client's event walking by and jumping in with shoes, food, drinks, face paint and sharp objects. We know how stressful hosting can be and we want to avoid our clients from being responsible for individuals who are not apart of their celebration and the damage that can occur. We prioritize a worry-free and safe client and guest experience!


Where do you service?

We are based out of Sacramento and service a 120 mile radius as far a San Jose, Merced, Truckee and Chico.

When reserving your rental, please select the city or nearest city to your event location to find your delivery rate. 


What is the safest way to use your bounce house?
For your safety we limit the weight capacity to the following:

Utopia, Aurora and Sahara: 600lbs

Onyx: 700lbs

It’s important to allow kids to jump with kids and adults to jump with adults. 


Haus Rules and Safety Notes:

1) Adult supervision is required at all times. Customer agrees that an adult will supervise the equipment at all times and enforce safety rules. 

2) PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Only children or adults in comparable age groups and sizes should play on the inflatable at the same time. No more than the recommended number of players in Equipment at any one time and not to exceed the maximum weight. 

  • Utopia, Aurora, Sahara : Maximum of 600 lbs (approx 6-7 kids, 4-5 adults)
  • The Onyx : Maximum of 700 lbs (approx 7-8 kids, 5-6 adults)

3) Remove anything sharp including shoes, glasses and jewelry before playing in the inflatables.

4) No food, smoking, candy, gum or beverages of any kind.

5)   No shoes, sneakers, flip flops or sandals of any type allowed on/in Equipment.

6) Riders with pre-existing health conditions are not permitted on the Equipment. This includes pregnant women, individuals with pre-existing injuries, casts, any type of brace and others susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing.

7) No rough play. Do not allow jumpers to play or climb on walls, sides, roof or exterior of Equipment. Do not allow flipping, wrestling or jumpers piling on each other. 

8)   No pets allowed.

9) On slides, children should go down the slide FEET FIRST ONLY and one rider at a time.

10) Cease use IMMEDIATELY during inclement weather. This includes strong winds (at or in excess of 15 mph) and rain. Switch the blower off and allow the unit to deflate.

11) Should a unit begin to deflate, all users should exit the unit immediately. If the blower has stopped, make sure that it has not been unplugged or turned off. If the blower is still running, check the air intake on the side for blockage, and check both blower tubes on the inflatable unit to make sure that they are tightly tied off and are not kinked. Never allow jumpers in or on a partially inflated unit.

12) Should a rental stay with the Customer overnight all property owned by the Company should be kept secured on a private property or with security present. Away from any sprinklers, fire, pets or hazards that can cause damage to a rental.