Utopia Haus / Modern bounce houses

Utopia Haus delivers smiles throughout Sacramento and surrounding areas with luxury bounce house and event details to elevate your experience. Our aesthetically pleasing bounce houses, backdrops and rentals are the perfect blank canvas to elevate any celebration in your own unique way.

For your birthday, graduation, exciting announcements, wedding, bachelorette and more - choose from our modern bounce houses and thoughtfully curated inventory options. The possibilities are endless and we are committed to the details!

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    Modern Bounce Houses are our specialty. Let us ease any stress or concerns you may have had about traditional bounce houses. We prioritize safety, sanitation and smiles.


    A one stop shop for your Modern Bounce House needs. We can create magical details on our rentals through balloon garlands and custom vinyl decals to align with any theme and aesthetic.


    Have a concept in mind but not sure how to translate that into a theme? Lets put our minds together and make some magic. Consulting includes a color palette, references for vendors and party concept.


    Utopia Haus prioritizes every little detail. We understand what the hours leading up to your event looks and feels like. On the day of your celebration, let us set out your details, direct vendor deliveries, move the eyesores away from your Instagram worthy photo opportunities and more!

Hear from Kate:

"The Utopia Haus team is absolutely EXCEPTIONAL. They went above and beyond to ensure a great and easy experience for us and our guests. They were very collaborative with our other vendors, making balloon installation a breeze. Both kids and adults absolutely loved Utopia. The extra touches like signage and hand sanitizer dispenser were especially appreciated. Such an incredible team to work with. We will absolutely be using Utopia Haus again!"


Utopia Haus is family owned and inspired by our desire to create magical and memorable moments with our family.

Without sacrificing aesthetic or fun, we mindfully designed our modern bounce houses to align with a modern day celebration. Delivering smiles, safety and sanitary rentals throughout Sacramento, Greater Sacramento and Northern California is our top priority.

Choosing Utopia Haus to celebrate with you is an honor for us and we look forward to being apart of the magic created.

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